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The Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare Providers

Kospath is a full service digital marketing agency that helps surgical and medical practices generate leads and grow revenue. We specialize in managed patient acquisition solutions that span the entire patient lifecycle.

Our approach deploys marketing strategies that incorporate SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Email and Web Design to drive leads, which our Patient Coordinators then nurture and qualify. For clients, this means a steady stream of qualified patient leads that are ready to take action - shortening acquisition cycles and increasing patient volume.

Our Healthcare Marketing Services


Our healthcare marketing services are tailored to each client's unique challenges and goals. By leveraging our expertise across digital marketing channels and strategies we develop healthcare marketing programs that move the needle healthcare providers.


Healthcare Client Success Stories

Transforming an NYC Plastic Surgery Practice

Standing out amongst a crowded and competitive plastic surgery landscape is difficult for most plastic surgery practices.

Neinstein Plastic Surgery was no different. The practice had gone through numerous website redesigns, paid search partners and SEO consultants, with little success. Simply put, nothing was moving the needle in terms of scaling inbound patient leads and establishing a strong digital marketing foundation.

Kospath transformed Neinstein Plastic Surgery's digital marketing presence by taking a 4-pronged approach that delivered quick wins and set the practice up for long term success.

Managed Lead Generation for 6-Location Practice

In 2016, NYC Surgical Associates had just opened its sixth location. Business was good, but years of expansion had left marketing and patient lead management operations fragmented. Responsibilities were divided across disparate teams and offices, which led to gaps in marketing, accountability and poor lead follow-up and management.

Kospath consolidated the practice's marketing efforts and implemented its Managed Lead Generation solution. The new, managed approach, streamlined lead acquisition and management operations to drive results.

Lead flow surged.

Conversions increased.

Practice revenue rose.

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