The patient decision journey is really just a series of questions and answers. Kospath’s content marketing services help medical and surgical practices develop high quality and helpful content that answers the questions their prospective patients are asking most often.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the practice of creating relevant and timely content that educates, inspires, entertains or motivates patients with a specific end-action in mind. The goal of content marketing is to move away from “one size fits all” advertising by delivering content that is tailored to patients based on where they are in the patient decision journey.

Kospath’s content marketing services help medical and surgical practices get a deeper understanding of who their prospective patients are, what content they are looking for online, and how to best deliver that content to support prospective patients on their journey from research, to inquiry and appointment.  From there we put strategies in place that span blogs, social media and email to maximize your opportunities to connect with target audiences.

Kospath’s Approach to Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is all about knowing what to say to specific audiences at the various stages of their patient journey in order to evoke the action you desire. At Kospath, we develop comprehensive content strategies that map specific content types and messages to your audience personas based on where they are in their patient journey.

Content Development

Once a content strategy is in place, we bring in subject matter experts to develop high quality content that will resonate with your audience and compel them to take action.

Content Distribution

Developing relevant, high quality is great but getting that content in front of patients in the right setting is the real goal. To achieve that goal we distribute content to the destinations most appropriate for the subject-matter and target audience.