Focus on running your practice rather than chasing down patient leads. Kospath’s Managed Lead Generation solution is a turnkey patient acquisition service for practices eager to grow without taking on additional headcount.

Managed Lead Generation Solution

A Steady Stream of Qualified Leads For Your Practice

Kospath’s Managed Lead Generation is a turnkey patient acquisition solution that simplifies the process of lead generation. Ideal for surgical and medical practices specializing in elective and high-reimbursement procedures (such as plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and vascular surgeons), our Managed Lead Generation solution puts lead development, nurturing and qualification in the hands of our trained marketers and Patient Coordinators. This enables our clients to focus on running their practice while we employ best-in-class digital marketing strategies to deliver fresh, qualified leads on an ongoing basis.

Our Approach to Managed Lead Generation


Effective lead generation, nurturing, qualification and conversion comes down to information. Information about your business, the specifics of your procedures and services, details about your competition, and your industry’s digital marketing landscape. Before launching a Managed Lead Generation solution, we take a deep dive into these areas to build the foundation of our program.

Lead Attraction

Our Managed Lead Generation solution leverages any and all appropriate marketing channels at our disposal (SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Email, PR, Television, Radio) to introduce prospective patients to your business. Depending on patient intent, this first interaction may be the only interaction necessary to achieve a conversion.

Lead Nurturing

When a prospective patient needs more than one interaction with your brand to come to a decision or take action, lead nurturing is required. This process consists of delivering timely and relevant messages ideal for where the prospect is in their journey in order to help guide them to the next steps towards converting.

Lead Qualification & Conversion

Leads that are not yet qualified often require significantly more time and nurturing before they are ready to take action. That’s time, work and required expertise your business may not have if you do not employ sales professionals or inside sales representatives. As such, our Managed Lead Generation solution only delivers qualified leads that are ready to take action.

Lead Handoff

Once a lead has been generated, nurtured and qualified, our team hands off the warm opportunity to your team for scheduling.

Managed Lead Generation Pricing

Kospath’s medical call center and managed lead generation pricing is custom and based on a number of factors, including:

  • Practice phone call volume
  • Number of locations supported
  • Number of treatment/product categories supported
  • Practice hours of operation
  • Process customization requirements

To learn more about what managed lead generation and call center services would look like and cost for your medical or surgical practice, contact us.