How NYC Surgical Associates Worked with Kospath to Increase Lead Generation by 242%.

The Challenge

In 2016, NYC Surgical Associates had just opened its sixth location. Business was good, but years of expansion had left marketing and patient lead management operations fragmented. Responsibilities were divided across disparate teams and offices, which led to gaps in marketing, accountability and poor lead follow-up and management.

Our Solution

Kospath addressed NYC Surgical Associates’s challenges by implementing a strategy that consolidated the practice’s marketing efforts and transitioned their lead generation efforts to a Managed Lead Generation solution. More specifically, Kospath focused on the following areas:
  1. Managed Lead Generation: We implemented out turn-key lead generation solution, which took over all new marketing-generated patient lead outreach, follow-up, nurturing and booking.
  2. SEO: Our experts performed in-depth SEO, Content and Keyword Audits to uncover opportunities for improvement, and to re-align the practice’s website and marketing efforts with their current and future goals.
  3. Paid Search: We focused on improving paid search lead quality and acquisition cost by fine-tuning audience targeting and advertisement copy, and by optimizing campaign landing pages.
  4. Site Redesign: High quality images, site architecture, in-depth keyword mapping, the introduction of more effective calls-to-action and smart internal linking are just a handful of areas we focused on to revamp the practice’s website.
  5. Analytics & Optimization: With SEO, Paid Search and Lead Generation all under one roof, we were able to collect higher deeper insights and data across marketing channels, leading to a continuous cycle of analysis and marketing optimization.

Key Results (6 Months)

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Increase in ROI
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Increase in Leads Per Month
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Increase in Conversion Rate

Program Elements

Managed Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search Strategy & Management

Website Redesign & Management